Project Development Report [2019G]

In the last couple of weeks I drew maps of Sockburn. I haven’t got around to blogging that, instead I just posted the album of maps on the group and another group. A lot of maps production in some areas is more than drawing maps, it is software upgrades and other steps and dealing with issues on the computer, and structuring data, so some of the time was spent dealing with and resolving software issues, testing and changing software versions etc.

It’s time to get back into Northland to get the maps finished there and yesterday I was pulling up the maps for five stations between between Auckland and Bay of Islands: Helensville, Maungaturoto, Waiotira, Waitakere and Wellsford. I also have to re-export the maps for stations west and east of Otiria, and there is a separate project for Whangarei and the stations near it. 
The maps for the rest of Northland are continuing to be updated so that I expect to make substantial progress with the maps in general this week and maybe completed this volume at the end of March.