New Zealand Rail Maps: Special Web Maps

The New Zealand Rail Maps Project produces various formats of its maps, available at its different sites. Webmaps are mainly produced at a site that covers the entirety of the NZ national railway network with all available data listed in the same map. This page lists additional one-off webmaps that cover specific topics. They are generally customised versions of the main webmaps page with different base layers and additional or different overlays.

Rotherham Earthquake Maps

These maps are based on a run of aerial photographs produced by LINZ in 2016 shortly after the Rotherham Earthquake. They enable firsthand assessment of the damage caused by the earthquake in the area between 130 km milepost (near Spotswood) and 273 km milepost (near Ward) of the Main North Line rail corridor as well as surrounding areas. The maps work in the same way as the main webmaps except that the maximum zoom level available is 19 rather than 20.

Christchurch Commuter Maps

These maps show the proposed layout of a Greater Christchurch commuter rail network using the existing rail lines. A design for a proposed transport interchange concept at Christchurch – Moorhouse Ave is included within the maps. The maps work in the same way as the main webmaps, the main difference being the additional overlay showing the proposed adaptions to the existing Greater Christchurch railway network.