NZRM Progress Report 2024-02-24: Volume 1, Volume 4, Volume 5, Volume 6, Volume 9, Volume 10, Volume 11

This month’s work on New Zealand Rail Maps has covered a range of different areas. Work completed includes the following:

  • Volume 1: The 1972 aerial mosaic of the Auckland station yards and wharves was completed with very satisfactory results. This in turn led on to adding historical maps back to the beginning of railways in Auckland, making it possible to map all of the first three railway stations in Auckland (Waitemata is the fourth). This work is ongoing.
  • Volume 4: The Te Wera station yard on the Stratford Okahukura Line was mapped with aerial imagery from 1965 along with an original construction plan, confirming the location of the former engine shed that dated from the PWD construction era.
  • Volume 5: Aerial imagery of the Moutohora Branch from the 1950s was added to a full corridor map of the route. It is now the agreed standard that all historic branch lines will be produced as full corridors as long as sufficient high quality aerial imagery of the corridors is available.
  • Volume 6: The aerial survey images order from Linz was received and is currently being gone through to determine the next steps in progressing with Volume 6 to completion.
  • Volume 9: The GIS project for Volume 9 is currently being updated to the new standard and volume boundaries and a small map for local use in Christchurch is being produced for a specific organisation.
  • Volume 10: Work is continuing with Dunedin-Mosgiel maps, having added the Outram Branch to the mosaic project, the aerial imagery for the branch and a station plan of Outram are being added.
  • Volume 11: The full corridor of the Roxburgh Branch is currently being mosaiced. This will cover from Milton to Clarksville and Clarksville to Roxburgh.

Nothing to say about webmaps this time.