NZRM Progress Report 2023-10-17A: Proposed Work Schedule To End of 2024

After consideration the work schedule for the maps project from date to the end of next year is proposed as follows. The plan is to complete up to four volumes which are already well in hand and therefore only need a relatively small amount of work to complete.

  • Volume 6: This has been released previously under its earlier definition, but it has now been expanded to include the North Island Main Trunk from Wellington to Bunnythorpe, so this extra section would have to be added to the existing volume. The main difference for this volume is the new filename formats which were introduced after the earlier release was produced. A lot of work has already been done on that part of the NIMT, particularly around Wellington, Palmerston North and many intermediate stations.
  • Volume 7: As noted previously this is well underway under its earlier definition which only covered the Midland Line corridor. The definition of Volume 7 (previously Volume 9) has been expanded to include the Stillwater Ngakawau Line corridor and on this particular section very little work has been done. The work therefore needs the existing Midland Line work completed and the SNL added to it.
  • Volume 8: This is the Nelson Section and the Main North Line north of Rangiora plus the Waiau Branch and Mendip Section. Much of this has already been mapped in some form, the Main North Line will need to be completed in particular. The Nelson Section maps were previously released under a different format and would need to be updated to the current format.
  • Volume 9: This covers the Christchurch area, the section of the MNL to Rangiora, the MSL as far as Washdyke and all the branches off these main line corridors. A lot of work has already been done in these areas with just a few bits and pieces needed to finish off.

So all of these are in the South Island, and they will also inform a field trip or two that should be upcoming in 2024. What is most needed to push these along is a set of full corridor surveys which Linz have available for me to copy. I will have these put onto a portable HDD so that I can access the full surveys which will make the job of producing the mosaics fast and convenient. I am also at present hunting out any station surveys from these areas to get at the same time.

As noted in the previous post, webmaps updates are also planned. One is due at the end of this year, and may be prioritised over any other work. Another update is likely to be completed by the end of 2024, since the expectation is that webmaps updates will be annual. The site will be the same format as now but the design will be tidied up a bit.