NZRM Progress Report 2023-10-17: NIMT, ECMT, Midland Line, Project Files

Since the last update more work has been done in Volumes 2 and 4, specifically sections of the North Island Main Trunk which are in both these volumes, and Volume 3, specifically the Taneatua Branch. Work is now returning to Volume 7 to progress the release of the complete Midland Line section with all branches as quickly as possible. However, the part of Volume 7 covering the Stillwater Ngakawau Line is not being released at this time as it is not ready.

The webmaps site is also due to be updated maintaining its current format, by the end of the year, although the exact date of the update is uncertain and will probably just fall somewhere in January.

As each volume is completed, it has been decided that the project files will be released. These are the files which contain all of the vector layers for each of the 12 volumes and can be viewed or edited in a GIS. Raster files are not being released due to their large size. The project files will be linked in a Files section from each volume’s specific page.