New Zealand Rail Maps Project Development Report – July 2022

July 2022 has seen steady if somewhat slow ongoing progress on the rail maps project. As in the previous month, the focus shifted to general maps of Christchurch City. However, some work has been done on the rail maps, most notably for Rolleston and Springfield. This took quite a lot of work to complete but maps for Springfield were produced last week. Those for Rolleston are a little farther behind, but the plan is now to produce all the maps for Rolleston to Otira, the mosaics having been completed some time ago and it just now being determined there is no new aerial content available to add to these mosaics. As with some of the other corridors, the Kiwirail supplied km peg locations have been added into the maps, and corrections for the main line corridor based on Kiwirail supplied routes will be added as needed.

No work has been completed recently on Webmaps but setting up the required tools will be carried out this month and then testing the build system on a computer. At the moment most of the overall focus is going on arranging a big dump of aerial photos that Linz has that are not in Retrolens, mainly for the West Coast of the South Island, which should be available by the end of August.