MSL Palmerston-Dunedin [8] : Pelichet Bay (2)

1896 map of north of Dunedin, showing the Pelichet Bay railway station. The location to the right of the tidal dock is where Milburn Cement had their plant at the time, and roughly where the causeway was put across to divert the line. The original Pelichet Bay was filled in to become Logan Park in time for the 1925 South Seas exhibition, and the railway deviation was also completed in that timeframe.

Aerial photo taken in 2013. The biggest change in the area in recent years has been the building of the Dunedin Stadium and consequent diversion of SH88 to follow the railway line for a short distance as it crosses the Water of Leith. As can be appreciated there has been a lot of reclamation in the area in the past 100 years.