MSL Palmerston-Dunedin [7] : Pelichet Bay

Pelichet Bay was the first station north of Dunedin, and the first of the many bays going north of Dunedin to be bypassed with a causeway. The deviation was opened in 1925.
The area has changed a lot over the past 140 years. The original Pelichet Bay was where Logan Park now is, it being filled in as an area to hold the South Seas Exhibition of 1925. The area between the two railway routes was where Milburn Cement had their first plant before they relocated to Burnside. There has been a lot of reclamation in the area in the last 120 years. A recent development is the building of the new Dunedin Stadium next to the Water of Leith and as part of this project, State Highway 88 was diverted alongside the railway line, forcing some old sidings to be lifted.