MSL Lyttelton-Rolleston [1G]: Suburban Passenger Terminal Proposals

There are proposals afoot currently to establish a suburban passenger service between Christchurch and Rolleston, which the NZ Government has provisionally allocated $100 million to develop. This would require a train terminal in a more suitable location than the present long distance train station at Addington.
This week I have spent most of my time looking at a couple of options for putting a transport interchange near the Colombo Street – Moorhouse Ave corner.
This is a simple artist’s concept for a small passenger terminal with 2 platforms for suburban passenger trains at Pilgrim Place. It proposes that a bus interchange would be built on the Moorhouse Ave frontage of this site, replacing the present CBD bus interchange on the Colombo St / Lichfield St corner.
Since there is another possible site that may be more suitable almost next door to this site at Cass Street, this idea has not been further developed at the moment.
This is an artist’s concept for a proposed transport interchange on the Colombo Street / Moorhouse Avenue corner. It provides for long distance / excursion trains with longer platforms and shorter suburban platforms. A bus interchange is assumed to be possible on the Moorhouse Avenue frontage and to provide for a reinstated CBD shuttle bus.