MSL Dunedin-Mosgiel [1B]: Dunedin Station 2: Depot Sidings 1972

Continuing from the previous maps of the OETT sidings at Dunedin Station in the 1980s, here are some views of a rail depot on the east side of Dunedin Station yard. I am not sure exactly what this depot was used for, probably way and works or signals. The depot area extended from Thomas Burns St to the Wickliffe St road overbridge. It was altered slightly in the mid 1980s when parts of tracks at the northern end were lifted in order to construct a building for an as-yet unknown purpose which had its own siding. The rest has been gone since probably the 1990s when the overall Dunedin Station railway yards were considerably reduced in size, and is largely carparking.
In each view below, the black and white is 1972 and the colour view is 2014.