MSL Dunedin-Mosgiel [0B]: Intro 2

This is just a quick update on the Dunedin-Mosgiel section of line I am mapping at the moment. I haven’t actually done much of the maps just yet but have focused on doing the mosaic project which keeps on growing in size, it is now 147 layers and around 26 GB of disk space. The latest section to be completed is Burnside, which leaves me three more sections to complete: Green Island-Abbotsford, Wingatui and Mosgiel. I have some images for the Outram line, Walton Park and Fernhill as well, but will skip these for now.  I also put in coverage of Dunedin all the way up to Pelichet Bay, so the coverage is going to be pretty well continuous. 
So the map tiles mosaics are about half finished and a little mapping has been done, mostly around Caversham as seen below.