MSL Dunedin [2C]

Just another quick update to the earlier article.

In 1978, Dunedin Loco’s turntable was opposite the intersection of Cumberland Street and Wolseley Street. Along the edge of Cumberland Street can be seen a pair of wagon turntables. These were a quick and easy way of getting a siding into a premises that was right next to the railway line, however the premises had to have their own way of moving the wagons between the turntable and their building as regular shunting locomotives could not traverse the small turntables. Particularly with the right hand example, you can see the track at right angles crossing the main road – which was possibly disused by that date, and the track in the left hand case has been removed or buried. The series of buildings on the right hand side of Wolseley Street still exist to this day – the left hand building is now a Z service station, while the loco turntable site is a BP service station.