Fairlie Branch Stations: NZRM Stations Site Plan

As you would have seen from yesterday’s post, some information on stations of the Fairlie Branch Line was posted as a proposed series of articles. It is time consuming to produce articles such as these, the main reason why they stopped coming out a while ago, and given that a separate Stations site is being proposed, we are of the view that it is better to get the Stations site running and have a structured arrangement of information rather than adhoc blog posts.

The focus will therefore be shifted to pulling the Stations site together and seeing how we can make it work and start creating entries for each station on a line like the Fairlie Branch. In fact the Fairlie Branch stations will be the first entries into the site.

To make the site work well, it also needs to be able to link to the webmaps with a bookmark for an individual location at the webmaps. This feature has not yet been implemented into the webmaps client, so you could expect to see that upgraded sometime later this year to be able to implement that.

In the very short term, a Volume of the Fairlie Branch stations will be produced over the next couple of days with all of the stations in it, and will be available on that site. However, the intention for the Volumes site is to have a volume for the whole Fairlie Branch, not just its stations, so the entry made on the Volumes site will be for the Branch and will just only have the stations in it until the rest of the maps for the branch are ready.