The website is back operating again as I have been in contact with the domain hosting company (Domains4less) who have apparently decided to have this great idea of migrating their domains to a new platform without, it seems, informing me.
Because their new system only lets me redirect one URL to trainweb, the site will be changed to have just a single page, that will link straight to Google Plus for 12 collections (one for each volume), as well as other major sites the project uses.
This will be easier for me to maintain because I can’t use FTP on my filtered internet connection, since trainweb requires FTP for maintaining web pages.
So right now there is a home page but none of the page links to separate volumes will work. Tomorrow I have to fix up the home page with some changes and then upload that. The best part of it is that the page will then be a static page, with all changes being made in the Google Plus collections. People can subscribe to and follow these with a Google account, or they can follow Facebook or Blogger.