Wairarapa Line [7A]: Rimutaka Incline Section [1D]: Cross Creek

Here are just a couple of quick shots of Cross Creek. These have not been converted to tiles because the entire mosaic project is for Summit to Pigeon Bush as well as Rimutaka Loop and it needs more aerial photos that I couldn’t get today because there were some issues with the Retrolens site.
First image is taken after the line closed in 1961 so a lot of it is sites that may be vacated and contain ruins. On the left is one of the actual houses that was still in place at this time as NZR simply put them up for sale and probably this particular one would have been hard to access so may have been demolished. Somewhere there must be a diagram or more aerial photos that will give more detail of what was actually at Cross Creek when it was open. 
Considering there isn’t as yet any aerials of Summit when open I was quite fortunate to be able to get half of Cross Creek from 1944 which is seen in this aerial, and mapping that detail will be good to do.
I will get the rest of the aerial photos for this area and probably there are one or two more posts depending on what is on them. The completion of the maps is some way off, later in the year, as I have a lot of other stuff on the go as well and really would like to turn my attention back to the Otago Central stuff and push that ahead. It has been very interesting taking this little diversion into Wellington over the past few months with the Tawa stuff I have been working on but now I just need to put it aside and finish off some of the other projects and then come back to it and push it along.
I think in all probability as far as North Island content goes I will focus on Wellington-Wairarapa-Napier-Gisborne since I have flagged already that I want to get the PNGL stuff sorted out but I may push out just a set of diagrams for Napier-Gisborne fairly soon rather than complete maps.