Wairarapa Line [0Z]: Volume 6 Progress Update 26

Good morning. Things have slowed a little in the past week and we are a bit behind on getting the maps completed to Featherston. In actuality the main line corridor has been checked to the outskirts of that township, but we still have to draw yard layouts for three previous stations: Cross Creek, Pigeon Bush and Rimutaka Loop. Aerial mosaics for these areas are being completed as well as those for other sections of the line up to Masterton. We now anticipate completion of this volume will be in about two weeks, or close to the end of April. A further delay is not such an issue when the rest of the volumes are going to be completed this year at a Basic level according to our revised programme for 2020. However we are still very keen to see this volume completed as it has been such a long drawn out process.
Summit yard was drawn and a map produced last week. We became aware that one more detail was needed, the location of the signalbox, and this has been added to the map.
The decision has been made that the project will have only a Facebook page, not a group. This eliminates the need to oversee and maintain a Facebook group that has only minimal activity, whilst allowing Facebook users to continue to follow project activity via the page. Key group members have been invited to transfer to our email list. This change will not have any impact on the project as all the FB content is posts that are automatically syndicated off this blog.