Wairarapa Line [0X]: Volume 6 Progress Update 24

Welcome to another progress update for Volume 6. In the last week we produced maps for the Western Hutt Section and the second part of the five sections we have divided the Rimutaka Incline Section into, for the purpose of a series of five research posts. Currently we are working on the Rimutaka Incline Section at Summit which will produce the 3rd research article.
The main work for the next day or so is to draw the yard layouts at both Summit and Cross Creek, and the main line between. After that it will be relatively straightforward and quick to head on down to Pigeon Bush and then Featherston.
Featherston is being mapped from 1943, as are the rest of the stations, as well as at a larger scale from the 1970s, and at Featherston the army camp siding is to be mapped out along with details of the WW1 camp that was there, and then the next work after that is the Greytown Branch, followed by Carterton and Masterton stations.
At this stage we see no reason that Masterton cannot be completed by the end of the week as planned. We also have been busy over the past week tidying up a few details of the route with extra detail from the Valley Signals site and other sources, and have reissued a few maps, which has slowed things down a little, but not enough to affect the overall schedule. So right now the overall release timetable for April 21 still looks reliable.