Stillwater Ngakawau Line [16]: Holcim Cement Siding

Holcim Cement (previously Milburn Cement and NZ Cement) has had a major presence in Westport for more than 50 years. It built a cement works at Cape Foulwind and used rail transport and coastal shipping to move the finished product around New Zealand. In the last 10 years the works have been wound down in favour of importing cement to a central distribution point (in the South Island this is based at the port of Timaru) and sending it around the country. Since Westport is a small town this siding is probably not now in use as it seems unlikely there would be a need to continue moving the cement into the area in sufficient quantities to justify the cost of the rail siding and plant.
So now I have around 32 km of line to finish drawing up. This however will take another week probably to finish as it involves also a number of branch lines which are:

  • Westport Branch as it is now known and the harbour board moles
  • Cape Foulwind Branch
  • Conns Creek Branch
  • Seddonville Branch beyond Ngakawau
  • Mining tramways and related infrastructure
So the next week really WILL be spent on the Otago Central which I have to get finished for writing up and publishing.