Project Diary 2019-10-18: Christchurch Maps

Progress on the maps this week has continued to focus on the Main North Line section of Greater Christchurch. This inches on towards completion with, we estimate, just a week more work to finish it. Quite a bit of work was needed just to add a 1955 aerial image showing the old route between Chaneys and Kaiapoi (deviated in 1958), and the similar but less lengthy realignment between Rangiora and Ashley (1961) is also going to be included. We also expect to show the first couple of km of the Eyreton Branch having found an image dated 1963, one year before the purported closure date. As of this moment, all of Belfast from 1950 to 1985 has been put in, and what is actually left is some of the imagery for Papanui, Styx, Kaiapoi, Eyreton Junction, Southbrook and Ashley. Flaxton isn’t currently being mapped, but if I can find anything about it in Archives I may add it.
The extraction of the map tiles for any part of G.C. has proceeded quite slowly. The updates for Lyttelton have been extracted, paving the way to move on to Heathcote / Ferrymead. Once the maps themselves are completed then we can focus our full resources onto extraction. This is quite an involved process as it is not uncommon
Only one day of research has been possible this week, focusing mainly on Addington Station. So far we have avoided looking into Addington Workshops, planning to leave that for another time, but will try and find out if there is any coverage of Plant Zone.
In the wake of the local government elections with the result not showing much potential for the desirable level of change we sought, we are considering what level of campaigning to continue with. Christchurch Transport Blog has more details.