PNGL Maps Update [1]

As I have mentioned on other posts recently I am working towards re-issuing the existing map diagrams for a number of areas where they were available in the past, but have not been online since changing over to Google Photos as a display system.One of the map sections which I am looking to re-issue in the near future is the Palmerston North Gisborne Line. Since part of the closed section is being re-opened it is time to update the maps for Napier-Wairoa. There was a published part volume for the Napier-Gisborne section which is not being updated or republished at this stage, since volumes like this are part of the full production process that incorporates the overall revision of map data using aerial photography, and there is no immediate timetable for the total revision of the Volume 5 content or the publication of rail maps for the section.
So there will soon be a new set of map diagrams for the entire PNGL using the updated template mentioned in the previous posts and designed to facilitate being downloaded and used offline with an electronic device such as when used in the field.
The map project for the PNGL beyond 82 km, which is the boundary between Wairarapa and Hawkes Bay, is being updated to the latest data standards. All of the map data shapefiles have been converted into the new GeoPackage data format. All of the terrain GeoTiffs have been reprojected as EPSG:3857 so that there is no need to have on the fly reprojection of any older EPSG:4326 layers. The data tables for all relevant layers are having the generational fields (yearIns, yearDel) and other useful fields (comment, customFlag) added to them as has been already undertaken with most of the other map projects to date. The layout template for 16:9 format maps will be updated to add the navigational markers for use when swiping between maps on an electronic device as mentioned previously.
Expect to see some output either from this project or some other aspect of maps in the next few days but things have slowed down in the last week or two due to family matters and other considerations.