Otago Central Railway [63O]: Ranfurly-Alexandra 15 (Auripo-Ida Valley 2)

Here are the final maps for Ida Valley. I first wrote about Ida Valley station some five weeks ago and had hoped to complete the map quite quickly, but various other issues have meant this has not happened as soon as expected.
It is obvious by now that the maps for the Otago Central Railway will not be completed by the end of this year as I had hoped. However, the map of Oturehua which is the next station up the line shouldn’t take long so I hope things will continue along at a satisfactory rate from here, whatever that should turn out to be.
These maps are combinations of a number of sources, chiefly Dangerfield/Emerson, chainage books and file materials copied from Archives New Zealand upon my visit to Dunedin last December. There are some discrepancies with the D/E diagram published on page 106 of the third edition but I am satisfied there are sufficient additional sources to be reasonably sure that the stockyards in particular were in the location shown.