Otago Central Railway [63N]: Ranfurly-Alexandra 14 (Auripo-Ida Valley 1)

Since I am working on the maps of Ida Valley station at the moment here is an overview shot.

Ida Valley is the first station I have had to draw entirely off diagrams. This means that tracks are drawn at standard centres and the GIS measurement tool is used to measure the size and position of various features. This results in a need to attach a disclaimer that the layout may not be accurate.

I was not able to obtain a full yard layout diagram from Dunedin Archives when I visited there last December. The primary sources are the chainage book and Dangerfield/Emerson. Photos from the latter and Bill Cowan’s book tell me I need to look at some issues with the information shown above. However there aren’t that many changes needed so I should be finalising this one in a day or two.