Otago Central Railway [63L]: Ranfurly-Alexandra 12 (Lauder-Auripo 1)

Here we have a 1951 diagram of Auripo. It looks like the proposed extension of the loop was constructed.
Auripo was one of the smallest and most remote stations on the Otago Central branch. It had just a small shelter, loading bank, one loop and a stockyards. There were no extra sidings or goods shed so it was very minimally equipped. There was a small rural population in the general area but the nearest township was some distance away.
I can’t publish this actual diagram in the official maps without ANZ permission which I can’t be bothered getting, so the reason for having this diagram is just to check positions of key structures and the track.
I have a few plans of Auripo but there isn’t really any more detail than is in this plan. But the aerial photography I had hoped would be available hasn’t come online yet, so I don’t expect to be able to show anything better than the low res 1976 stuff I have been working with up till now.