Otago Central Railway [63B]: Ranfurly-Alexandra 2

So a few days break and then it’s time to get going again with the next segment of the maps. In the last couple of days I have fixed the black edges on the LDS aerial backgrounds around Chatto Creek. This constitutes all of the issues needing to be resolved with LDS base imagery.
The next step is to work progressively along from the Alexandra end towards Ranfurly to finish off the aerial photo overlays where available. As possibly noted before, Ida Valley is the only station in this section that won’t have an aerial photo mosaic. Once the right surveys get scanned and added to Retrolens I am hoping to be able to do an aerial mosaic at a later date.
Whilst talking about Volume 12, once the Central maps are completed, the next steps will be to finish the rest of the maps for the Volume 12 area, which are in Southland, which means the Kingston Branch and its branches. I have already discussed which areas could have a detailed mosaic treatment: here are the possible candidates again:
  • Invercargill
  • Makarewa Junction
  • Winton Junction
  • Lumsden Junction
  • Mararoa Junction
  • Mossburn
  • Gore Junction
  • Thornbury Junction
  • Tuatapere
  • Wairio

Obviously Invercargill will be the most complex of those due to the size of the yard. Lumsden and Gore are also fairly large.

The maps for Ranfurly to Alexandra mentioned above won’t take very long to finish, which is fortunate as progress will probably be slower over the next few weeks.