Otago Central Railway [62A]: Kilometre Posts on the Rail Trail

The Otago Central Railway maps incorporate full mile post indications for the entire length. The positions have been derived from various information in the chainage books for the line and by estimation these positions could have an error of plus or minus 100 metres.
Recently I have obtained additional information from Geoff Mackley that has enabled me to locate all of the kilometre and half kilometre pegs on the Taieri Gorge Railway up to 45 km.
The kilometre pegs for the rail trail are visible in the Google Maps Streetview data for the line. Due the onerous terms of Google Maps I believe I cannot release these locations under the Creative Commons license for the maps project. I therefore am creating two separate resources to show the locations of these kilometre pegs:
1. A Google Map which can be accessed here.
2. A separate layer in my maps which can be turned on and off as required. I will use this for internal purposes but it cannot be published under the same license as the rest of the maps.
Currently in order to get this aspect of the project started I have added a few km pegs from the first section of the trail from 64 km at Middlemarch as far as Ngapuna at 70 km. The remaining posts will be added at the same time as the overall map revision, which is currently (starting from Cromwell) up to Clyde.