Otago Central Railway [61Q]: Alexandra-Cromwell 14

Having been looking at aerial photography in various areas around the Otago Central today, I have discovered the official NZR surveys for both Cromwell and Clyde, which date from 1972.
As this is of much higher quality than the 1960s aerials that I previously used for the maps of these stations, I expect to cascade this new stuff into the existing map mosaics and then redo the maps of those two stations accordingly.
At the moment I have not scheduled exactly when this will take place. It might be next week or it could be further down the track. As the images below show, the quality is very high.
 Cromwell above and Clyde below. In the Clyde photo you can clearly see the turntable pit in about the same place as on the Cromwell picture. The Clyde turntable was removed in the 1950s, probably when dieselisation was imminent. Clyde also had an engine depot, which went quite a bit earlier I believe. Both facilities would date probably from when Clyde was the railhead 1906-21 but it is surprising the turntable lasted for so long.