Otago Central Railway [61P]: Alexandra-Cromwell 13

There having been rather good progress on finishing this section – in spite of having to make some last minute adjustment and re-rendering of the aerial photos of the old Clyde station as well as Alexandra – I expect to churn out the final maps of it tomorrow. There is quite a bit of work as there are two generations of the Cromwell yard – before and after 1962 because the goods shed moved – as well as multiple generations of both Alexandra and Clyde. Nevertheless I have checked and tidied up the entire section and this is virtually complete at the time of writing.
Here are some comments about the Alexandra layout.

This is what the yard looked like in 1958. The fruit loading shelter immediately below the goods shed was not built then but its position is marked for reference. The siding going through its footprint is the fruit loading siding which was originally installed around 1957 according to the file notes I have copied, this was used for double sided loading from fruit trucks. This was the beginning of extra facilities specific to this traffic and these facilities were quite separate from the Apple and Pear Board’s own siding and buildings to the north end of the yard, which are also visible. The site at the south end at the corner of Tarbert and Ngapara streets was leased by the Electric Refrigeration Co at the time.
Alexandra 1965. This is a clearer photo, and the buildings at the Ngapara St / Tarbert St corner have changed, as has the layout at the APB site. Otherwise it is little different from 1958.
Alexandra 1983. This was essentially the final layout of the yard. There is a new building at the Ngapara/Tarbert corner but my research did not uncover its purpose. The siding behind the goods shed has been moved and the two new sidings and fruit loading shelter added as well as the final version of the APB site and its siding at the north end. The way and works depot has been built (these were provided at Wingatui, Middlemarch, Ranfurly and Alexandra and seem to have been constructed around 1966).