Otago Central Railway [61I]: Finishing Maps – Cromwell-Alexandra 6

A view of Alexandra in 1958:

Facilities like the works depot and the fruit loading shelter did not exist then. The APB site which they had just about taken over from the freezing works, was much less developed. There were still four houses in the precinct, and a trolley shed was located at the Cromwell end of the yard.
In 1965 the main change was in the APB area and also buildings in the lower left corner which was leased to the Electric Refrigeration Co.
By 1983 we have the Way and Works depot completed and a different building at lower left, perhaps a transport company, we have the fruit loading shelter (by then disused) and the bigger area of the APB site being used with stacked pallets clearly visible.
Unlike Ranfurly, in the post rail era, much of the Alexandra yard has been built on. There were opportunities for the local community to have sought to conserve a greater amount of the historic infrastructure, but to their later regret, none of the buildings still stand, only a couple of houses, some foundations and the main platform are to be found today.