Otago Central Railway [61AA]: Alexandra-Cromwell 24: Cromwell Gorge Survey

So here we have the first post on the Otago Central Railway for 2019. Last week I started redoing the Cromwell Gorge maps using the same 1962 historical survey images as previously, except this time sourced from Retrolens. They are a slightly higher quality, but the main change is harmonising everything with the other surveys by using the 0.4 metre tiles instead of the old 0.75 metres and also using the 1972 images of both Clyde and Cromwell stations which helped to fix a few issues. I have now finished off the survey and am about to produce the map tiles for use in Qgis. As a result some of the already concluded and drawn maps will need to be altered slightly as I have reached some slightly different conclusions about the position of the railway in relation to the hydro lake.
These images of Cromwell were produced last week and shared on Facebook.

Apart from the new mosaics of the section through the Gorge I am also putting all the station layouts for Omakau-Cromwell together into another Gimp project and the Cromwell and Clyde station maps will be tied into the CG maps so that everything joins together properly.