Otago Central Railway [52]: Article writing etc

So for the moment the maps focus has shifted to article writing having done most aerials, however I have decided to do aerials for Alexandra and Clyde but they will have a lower priority than completing Part 2 of the articles, so I am not how long it will take to do them. Some more research has been undertaken on the private sidings at Alexandra and the Clyde-Cromwell section of the railway.  
Some help from the Alexandra Museum has determined where Vacuum Oil and Borthwicks / Molyneaux Freezing Co were located and the provisional updated map for this area is shown below. This map is still getting tidied up and some details will probably change somewhat over the next day or two.
As at this stage no new aerial photos have been located for Alexandra to Ranfurly so the lower quality coverage for Ida Valley, Auripo and Ranfurly will have to suffice for now. In all three cases it just means the maps will have to have disclaimer labels put on them to say the exact layout is unconfirmed. Ranfurly and Ida Valley were both quite extensive stations in their heyday whereas Auripo was never very big with just one siding and a loading bank apart from the station, which may or may not have had a passenger platform.