Otago Central Railway [31G]: Alexandra (Fulton Hogan Siding)

If you are familiar with the Quail Atlas you will notice that in the map for the Otago Central Railway there is this bit mentioning Fulton Hogan’s siding.
Since Over the Garden Wall does not mention this siding I am doing my own research to discover it. In fact OTGW does miss a lot of details. There were sidings all over the show they have not got details of, the fact there was an NZED siding is just one fact concerning the line because as we have discovered there were a number of other sidings they have not detailed such as the oil company sidings at both Alexandra and Cromwell, and the MOW sidings at the new Clyde station.
So what we can see on this map is that there was a siding that went across Dunstan Road into the FH premises. This showing that the location given on Q4 is in roughly the right place but on the wrong side of the line.
I am looking at ordering another aerial photo to show me exactly where the siding did go to clear up this last detail of Alexandra. Since the article does not depend on this detail it will not hold up article production.
Once again thanks to Keith Clare for assistance with this.