Otago Central Railway [24A]: Oturehua

So in my current push to finish off the maps of the entire line because the incomplete part is all needed for the first part of the article, today I have been working to draw maps of Oturehua.
Here is the general vicinity of Oturehua.
The general view of the township and railway yard. The transport company’s yard now occupies what used to be the railway yard of Oturehua and the development of this explains the lack of railway artefacts at the site.
West end of Oturehua yard and most of the yard facilities.
East end of Oturehua yard.
Location of former ballast pit at Reefs Rd crossing east of Oturehua.

Another area at Reefs Rd that may have been a ballast pit. 

 Looking down the former station site from the east end.

 Looking at the site of the former station building and platform.

Bridge No.67 across Gorge Creek near the Idaburn dam.