Otago Central Railway [21A]: Article writing

Well I have been pretty busy putting stuff together but I have decided to write up to the limit of 5000 words for an article as there are going to be perhaps three articles covering the whole line that I am writing about.
So that means probably pushing the first article out to Alexandra and perhaps further back towards Omakau as it will be necessary to fill out the article and that means the mileposts have to be marked in all the way along there as well as the layout of the station at Alexandra.
So this long weekend is a great time to really push that along in a big way but we will have to see how things pan out with other things I have to get done, however that is the intention but the layout, if there is one, of Alexandra may be limited although I do have an aerial photo of the site which is dated at the same time as the Cromwell Gorge stuff so I certainly hope to be able to do a reasonable map of the yard within a short time frame.
The Streetview coverage of the rail trail is certainly interesting but we can’t use the kilometre pegs locations from it because of copyright issues as I don’t want my maps to be encumbered with any licensing complications, I want them to be completely free for reuse, and anyway it would take a lot of work to put in the marked km pegs of which there are literally hundreds. It is still good to be able to take a look at parts of the route that I wasn’t able to get a look at before, but stuff that you can only see on Streetview images can’t be copied into the maps.

UPDATE: I have now started pushing out the first part to 5000 words which will go back to Alexandra or thereabouts. In conjunction with this I have put in 8 more milepegs. The aim is to get the rest of this (including the article) finished tomorrow and then leave Monday free for other things.