Otago Central Railway [20]: Rail Trail on Streetview

Today, Keith Clare (a former surfaceman who used to live in Galloway) tells me that the whole Rail Trail is now on Google Streetview. Well that is really true. Every location I tried comes up.
Considering I haven’t been able to get up there since the photographers special in 1989 (I do hope to get out to the rail trail in the next couple of years) being able to look at all these locations the way a train driver would have seen them on the front of a train is pretty special because there is all this detail you would never have seen riding in a passenger car. And even if you went on the rail trail then you still wouldn’t have time to stop and look at every little thing.
So I expect to use that a bit over the coming months just to take a look at different bits of the trail but it isn’t information that can be put into the maps due to Google copyrights. So I definitely won’t be marking on the kilometre peg locations. There are hundreds of them and they will take way too long to complete. I still have a few milepegs to put in and they will take long enough.