Otago Central Railway [18]: Clyde

Well the mapping of the Cromwell Gorge for the route of the railway and highway has been completed.

The next step is to put in the milepegs and any other relevant data, starting from the 133 MP shown to the right, this will include any additional features of the Clyde yard that weren’t present in the 1960s aerial photography (for example, the engine shed that used to be located east of the turntable).

As I work up the line back to Cromwell I can also check some of the other stuff in the aerial photography (other than the rail/SH8 routes) to ensure it is correct on the map, such as the locations of farm properties, other roads and the old riverbed.

Once that part is fully complete it will be time to start writing the first article which just covers the gorge section i.e. the original Clyde station up to Cromwell. We will see how many words that is likely to need, and whether to extend it to cover the new Clyde station as well.