NZRM Progress Report 2024-01-29: Volume 10, Volume 1, Volume 4

Apologies for such a long time without an update but it is that time of year. At any rate after taking a break for a few weeks a lot of work has been happening on various aspects of the project. Webmaps are not getting a mention just now because there is still a lot of work needed to finish the format conversion and reorganisation and this has not really progressed that much in the last month. The data format is still being tweaked with regards to views which is particularly relevant to Volume 10 but can be useful to any volume. Work on Volume 6 has been stopped whilst awaiting for a batch of aerial photos to come from Linz, will probably have them in a week or so. The Volume 10 work is nearly finished, and in the last week or so Volume 4 work relating particularly to Stratford has been progressed. Volume 1 is the most recent area to be updated with Auckland yard coming in for the most attention. The aerial mosaics originally done for the yards were of unsatisfactory quality so they are being done again and so far the result is extremely good.

As is usual each year the annual review of NZ Rail Maps is due to take place and then another post backdated to 1st January will be produced as a part of that.