NZRM Progress Report 2023-06-07: Wairarapa Line, Midland Line

Since the last report work has been continuing on the Wairarapa Line maps with new coverage added for Featherston, Carterton and Masterton. However there is no timeframe for when the new material might be added into Volume 6, and previous plans to draw in historical deviation routes for the Rimutaka Incline are currently not scheduled for any particular time.

Due to productivity in the maps project being low at the current time on account of time constraints, the key priority must remain as Volume 9 of the Midland Line at present. The planned timeframe of completion of this volume at 31 May has slipped, probably by about a month at this stage. What remains to be completed is some tidying up of historical mosaics of sections of corridor on the West Coast before importing these to the GIS to trace the lines and structures off them. The coverage of some of the branch sections, particularly north and south of Greymouth, are also waiting to be completed at this time.

Web hosting options for the future of the NZ Rail Maps project are currently being looked at. Apart from the possibility of replacing the web maps site, the entire project could be relocated to a new hosting provider later this year, due to the closing down of one of the existing web services providers for the project. Since a cheaper web hosting option has been located (in New Zealand rather than in the US as currently), it is hoped to be able to migrate all of the different subsites to this by the end of 2023, subject to other priorities, as finishing Volume 9 must receive the greatest level of resourcing at the current time, and also coincident with upgrading the webmaps. So whilst the website update work has so far proceeded alongside Volume 9 maps update, the completion of the Volume 9 maps will now take precedence over everything else, including web site work, until it is completed.



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