North Island Main Trunk [5]: Johnsonville-Tawa 5 / Methven Branch / Otago Central Railway

So another set of proofs for the Tawa Historical Society below.

Meanwhile everything else is sort of progressing. A lot of map drawing time lately has been taken up on researching the Methven Branch. I haven’t actually drawn anything for branch maps yet, and I just discovered I need to redo most of the aerial photo mosaics because Gimp defaulted to the lowest quality interpolation setting, so actually mapping the line is still a week or two away. The amount of time it has taken to do the research means I will probably, out of all the other branch lines in Canterbury, only be prepared to add research of the Springburn Branch. Right now hopefully it will only take one more day on the Methven line, although to be fair that also includes quite a lot of information on Rakaia Junction.
No more work on the Otago Central Railway lately but I am mindful of wanting to get going with that again and I may get something done this weekend.