New Zealand Rail Maps Project Development Report – January 2022

Welcome to a new year and the first project development report of the New Zealand Rail Maps project for 2022.

For the start of 2022 the Volumes site has been relaunched in a new format and this has been the principal focus of the project within the last month. Work has been prioritised to ensure all of the most recently updated sections of the maps which are available in the Volumes based formats are available for download at the Volumes site. At this time however the most up to date parts of Volume 6 are not yet available, but are being prioritised for completion within this month of January. It is then hoped that the rest of Volume 6 can also be updated, followed by Volume 5.

The live webmaps have not been updated in some months. Following the recent upgrade to computer hardware, some reinstallation work is needed of various platforms used to develop the webmaps. There are also currently some software issues with the Qgis package we use to develop the maps and there may be delays in webmaps updating until all of these matters are fully addressed.

Once the Volume 5 and 6 updates have been completed the project focus can shift back to Volume 2. However, the fact that for Volumes purposes, a section can be updated and made available individually, means it is possible that more individual sections that have been completed in the past will be put onto the website as interim releases until they are eventually updated to the current standard.

Another part of the project that needs a new focus is the Stations website. A few posts have been made on this site, but placement of content there has been held up because of planned integration with the Volumes site that has not occurred. Some thought will need to be given in the coming year in how to proceed with Stations, since it now operates on its own.