Midland Line [3A]: Whitecliffs Branch 1

Today we have a set of maps of the stations on the Whitecliffs Branch, including the junction station, Darfield.

Darfield 2015/1970

Hawkins, 2.94 miles along the branch, and it seems one of the few with a regular size goods shed. 2015/1958.

Homebush 2015/1943. The two largest bridges still have superstructure in place, with the one that crosses a river substantially intact.

Coalgate 2015/1943.

Glentunnel 2015/1943.

 South Malvern & Whitecliffs 2015/1943.

 South Malvern 1943 & 2015.

 Whitecliffs turning triangle 1965 & 2015. The triangle is not visible in the 1943 aerial photo, so it possibly may not have been installed at that time.

Whitecliffs 1943 & 2015.