Midland Line [0E]: Volume 9 Progress Report 5

Contrary to my original proposition that no research would be done into any part of the Midland Line, I had a session this morning at Archives Christchurch and looked at 55 files and copied around 200-250 documents from these files. Quite a few different stations were covered and some very useful material about parts of the Midland Line were obtained.
I am looking at possibly a second visit to look at more material next week or maybe later this week depending on how many more stations I am interested in. It’s possible I will look up a few stations on the West Coast that I didn’t consider yesterday when I was putting the list together. In hindsight the list of files that I did look at today was quite a lot to go through in a 3 1/2 hour session and didn’t really need to be any longer, so doing another list for another visit seems the right thing to do.