Maps Project Development in 2018

As we can be aware the development of maps for the Otago Central Railway has been a very intensive effort. This is in no small way due to the level of public interest in the line because of the Rail Trail. At the same time I have had a good level of interaction with the historical community in Central Otago of late and this is I suppose the kind of thing I would want to see as an outcome from developing these maps. It does actually for me justify going outside the railfan community to find a wider base of interest.
I am not anticipating there will be such a base of interest for much else in the maps project so the level of development will be smaller and lesser. Once the OCR is finished the main focus for everything else will be prioritised into getting them into publication just about where they are now, given I already have the maps complete for nearly every other part of the country.
If there is any more intensive development of any part it will be out of personal interest in specific routes which I have an interest in e.g. the Waiau Branch and some other areas of Canterbury, and parts of the railway network around Wellington, Wairarapa, Hawkes Bay and Eastland. But that doesn’t guarantee more detailed maps as it depends on how much effort I can be bothered putting in.