Main North Line [7]: Picton 3

Well today’s effort is pretty good considering I spent most of the morning reinstalling my computer (I changed the operating system from Xubuntu 17.10 to Debian 9.1, which has let me build an older Qgis master from source code and install it natively, thus obviating the need to use virtual machines for map work). This is the last post about Picton. The maps will go onto Flickr and Google Photos sites in due course when the MNL maps as a whole are completed, because now I have to turn my attention to the Otago Central Railway again.
So these are the same map, just with and without aerial photos backgrounds. As you can see extreme upper right corner I have drawn in the present loco depot building and also tidied up some detail around that area, but most of the recent work has been finishing off around the old loco depot and station. This has entailed drawing in details from 1974-1977 in particular, the second turntable location within the old depot, the loading bank next to the original goods shed, the replacement goods shed and loading bank and the station building. The later goods shed still exists today as the “Fat Cod Backpackers”.