Kingston Branch [2A]: Invercargill-Makarewa 1 (Invercargill 1)

The Kingston Branch started at Invercargill which was where it came off the Main South Line, the original zero peg being at Invercargill Station. At Makarewa (Junction) the Tuatapere Branch ran to Thornbury (Junction) where the Wairio Branch started from. Since the closure of the Kingston and Tuatapere Branches their former sections Invercargill-Makarewa and Makarewa-Thornbury have been incorporated into the Wairio Branch (currently named the Ohai Line). Since Volume 12 includes the Kingston Branch and all its branches, this series will also take in the Tuatapere Branch and Wairio Branch / Ohai Line, as well as the Hedgehope Branch (later shortened to the Browns Branch, and then closed) which came off the Kingston Branch at Winton, and the Mossburn Branch which has already been addressed in a previous post.
These maps are of Invercargill in 1964, and as it is today.

The last two are a quick draw around the loco depot area. I have to add mosaics yet for 1972 and these will show the diesel era depot which was built around 1970 or so and which has since been knocked down as well.
There are more mosaics to come but the full maps will not be completed immediately because I am juggling between these ones and finishing the Otago Central ones. But I will make more mosaics and post aerials of all the stations that have good quality coverage in the Southland part of Volume 12.