Current Progress: Otago Central and Clyde

Currently I am looking at some more aerials but these will not enable new detail to be added to the map as they are going to be too low in resolution due to the change of Archives New Zealand’s pricing structure. All they will be used for is to pinpoint where I can get higher resolution scans done at a later stage.
I am still looking at other scans I can get done for the Clyde area itself that will help to fill in some of the details. There will now be three maps for the 2nd Clyde station area: 1977, 1981 and current. This is due to the fact there were significant changes in the area during those periods. which cover construction, operation and post-closure rail trail (i.e. what exists today).
So while there have been no new aerials, we are still working on the Cromwell Gorge and Clyde but it will be some months before any additional areas are mapped with aerial photography.