Project Update

It’ll be a few days until I have some more stuff to publish so this is just a quick interim update.

  • Otago Central Railway: Right now I am finishing off the map of Chatto Creek with adding the extra aerial photos from 1938 and 1956 to the 1965 image that I already have. So pretty soon there will be a set of maps of Chatto Creek and then it will be time to push along to Omakau. I have put in Omakau only as one particular era so far but as I have aerial photos from 1938 or thereabouts for that one as well, they may end up getting added to the maps
  • Main South Line (Christchurch): the 1940, 1950, 1961, 1984 and 1994 tiles are now added to the original 1970 tiles for the station yard ready for documenting a few changes over those generations. I have spent the past few days also putting in all the yard tracks for 1970 and naming them from the yard plan. I expect the yard track will only be documented for 1970 except for big changes, I am not intending to check every single track, it will mostly be around the sheds and passenger station that changes will be documented as these were the major ones.
  • Napier-Gisborne Line: This was not actually planned to be worked on at this time but because a professional cartologist has released a map he drew of the Moutohora Branch, this is of considerable interest to just give my maps a quick tidy up and in order to have the best result I am downloading at present all of the Retrolens coverage of the route and it looks like there is a lot of 1940s era coverage which while not of the highest quality will still fill in a lot of details. I also expect to download all the most recent Linz aerial photos of the route (I already have all the stuff for the NGL itself) and get the map project ready to be updated, but this means the MSL stuff will have to slow down as I still feel the Otago Central content needs to remain a high priority.
So there is the update.