Project Diary 2019-12-19: Greater Christchurch Maps Update

In the last few weeks our research has continued of Greater Christchurch maps, branching out into looking into railway housing in Heathcote and Lyttelton. The development of railway housing in large cities is naturally very different from small towns, as these two examples show. We plan also to take a closer look at railway housing in Addington, but not in any other part of Greater Christchurch except where it is within a station precinct.
The research has come to a pause for now due to the holiday season, but we intend to take a few weeks’ break even when Archives reopens in the first week of January and probably catch up on some other areas of the maps project (i.e. some areas outside Greater Christchurch). There are only a few stations’ worth of files to look through within the GC area, perhaps only at most two more months of research. The maps themselves haven’t progressed much recently, but the break period will be used to get progress in that area as well.