Project Diary 2019-08-22

Since last week’s diary report we have continued working on the maps for the Christchurch area. Putting together all the aerial photos can take a while to complete but we now have complete historical aerial photo tiles for Christchurch, Addington and Riccarton, and have started working on ones for Waltham, Linwood, Opawa and Woolston. These ones should be ready in a couple of days. Then after that we still have, as far as Greater Christchurch goes, to look at Lyttelton, Heathcote, Middleton, Sockburn, Hornby, Islington, Weedons and Rolleston on the MSL; Prebbleton and Lincoln on the Hornby Line; and Bryndwr, Papanui, Styx, Belfast, Chaneys, Stewarts Gully, Kainga, Kaiapoi, Flaxton, Southbrook and Rangiora on the MNL, to complete all of the stuff for GC.
Research has shifted to the GC area as well. After a break from the Midland Line work is starting with Christchurch Station which will take about 3 weeks to complete with over 100 files to view. The plan is to look at every station within the GC area in order to be able to fully detail the maps being drawn of the area.