Project Development Report [2019H]

The maps of Northland are progressing well and I have completed detailing the Okaihau Branch all the way to Okaihau and am just tidying up the details of the Rangiahua extension. There are four posts about locations on the branch line which I am completing and there will be another one or two for the extension. At the same time I am exporting the map tiles for the stations going south from Otiria to Waitakere. I have to put together a new Gimp project separately for stations around and including Whangarei as well.
I am also working on the Main South Line in the Dunedin suburban area and extending the existing Gimp project that covered only Dunedin station, to add sections covering all the suburban stations from Dunedin out to Wingatui, which is all covered at 0.125 metre resolution, and will be using high resolution aerial photos from the 1970s as well as some older stuff from the 1940s. As is generally well known the section from Dunedin to Mosgiel built originally in the 1870s, was realigned and duplicated with new tunnels in the 1910s, and then it was altered again in the 1980s with singling,  rebridging and realignment because of the motorway construction. Caversham was particularly impacted by this and the comparisons will be very interesting to look at.