Overlay Webmaps Development Preview – Greater Christchurch [4]

Good evening. Since the last post nearly 2 weeks ago work has focused on completion of the aerial mosaics, and with the ongoing work taking a lot of effort, these mosaics are still a wee way off completion. The current rate of progress is:

  • From Heathcote to Addington and from Hornby to Templeton on MSL has been updated with newly available 1946 / 1955 aerial photography that has recently been added to the Retrolens website.
  • From Templeton to Burnham this new coverage is not available but a number of issues with the existing completed mosaics have been resolved and maps have been drawn in all of this section.
  • Only from Middleton to Sockburn out of the Greater Christchurch area of the MSL has yet to be updated with the new aerial coverage mentioned above. New coverage has been added into the Hornby to Lincoln corridor where applicable.
  • Work is yet to begin on the Main North Line section of the maps.

A more realistic target is at least another two weeks to complete all mosaics and perhaps a week of map drawing and another week of webmap generation so it is certainly hoped that this project will be finished by Christmas. After that a break will be taken over the holiday period as it has been an intention to take some time to evaluate further directions for the project before rolling out more areas of the maps, including developing some automation techniques for generating segments.